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 A Short Newsletter 7/11/08

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PostSubject: A Short Newsletter 7/11/08   A Short Newsletter 7/11/08 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2008 1:41 pm


* We now have colorized usernames.

* We have a posting war going on. It ends 7/18/08.

* We now have a new group. The Editors edit fanfics, original stories, etc. on the site.


That is all for now. I told you it was short. Razz


Next Edition includes:

Arrow Top Poster of the Month

Arrow Best Story of the Month

Arrow Best Poem of the Month

Arrow Newest Winners

Arrow Member of the Month

Arrow Group Additions

Arrow Updates on the Forum

Arrow Participants of the Posting War

Arrow Upcoming Contests

If you have any ideas that I could use to make the newsletter, tell me. I could use them. Very Happy

The next edition come out after the posting war is over. So it will come out on 7/18/08.
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A Short Newsletter 7/11/08
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