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 Macbeth-Modernized by a High School Kid

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PostSubject: Macbeth-Modernized by a High School Kid   Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:18 am

This is a play I had to write (and had to act out ) for my AP English Lit. Class. I had to moderneize a scene from Mabeth. My gorup chose the scene where the Werid Sisters reveal the prophecies to Macbeth, and I wrote the play. So, feedback would be highly appreciated, thanks! And onto my insane verison of Macbeth! Very Happy
Mr. Macbeth-The teacher of the 3rd period AP English Lit. class at Yerba Buena High School (That's me! I have no idea how I managed to get the lead role!)
Fortuneteller #1: Blind, the first fortuneteller. Talks really slowly, but he’s not that old. Yet.
Fortuneteller #2: The second fortuneteller that Macbeth meets. has a spilt personality, polite one minutes, and mean the next. Hates complaining and incorrect English
Fortuneteller #3: The final fortuneteller that Macbeth meets. So ugly that he keeps his face hidden. Greedy.
Assistants #1 & 2: The servants of the fortune tellers. They are usually just in the background, being ignored unless any of the Fortunetellers need anything. They are both quite clumsy and absent-minded.

On the way home form school, walking because someone punctured his car’s tires.
Mr. Macbeth: (sighs) They just had to puncture my car’s tires today didn’t they. And Lady Macbeth is waiting for me at home too. Ah well, at least things can’t get any worse!
(thunder in the back ground)
Thunder! But there are no clouds in the sky!
He looks for a place to take cover and see a store. In the window of the store is a sign, proclaiming: Have trouble getting others to listen to u even though you’re a natural leader? Well then just meet the mystic three and all your problems are solved!
Mr. Macbeth: Will they actually be able to help me against Period 3?
(more thunder, closer and louder than before. The door opens and 2 people come out)
Assistants #1: A customer!
Assistants #2: We haven’t had one of those for ages!
Assistants #1 & 2: Come in!
Mr. Macbeth: Uh, I don’t think so…
Assistants #1: But you need help, right?
Assistants #2: So we’ll help you! That what’s the sign says!
(They pull him towards the shop)
Assistants #1: Your class will listen to you again!
Assistants # 2: And it’s all very free!
Mr. Macbeth: (after thinking) Ah, who cares. I’m willing to try anything against them.
(Assistants #1 & 2 open the door and push him inside)
Assistants #1: Wait here!
Assistants #2: A fortuneteller will be with you shortly!
(disappear into the back of the shop, leaving Mr. Macbeth alone)
Mr. Macbeth: (looking around) Um…hello? Is anyone home?
Fortuneteller #1: (door slams shut) May I help you?
Mr. Macbeth: Ahhh! Where did you come from?!
Fortuneteller #1: ….Well, can I help you?
Mr. Macbeth: Oh, uh, yes. I need some help with my 3rd period AP English Lit class. Those kids may be the smartest in the school, but they don’t listen to a word I say! Yet, they somehow manage to get all A’s and B’s.
Assistants #1: This goes here, right?
Fortuneteller #1: …So, what’s the problem?
Assistants #2: No! It’s goes over there!
Mr. Macbeth: can’t you see what the problem is?
Assistants #1: Okay….opps!
(A crystal ball falls onto the ground)
Fortuneteller #1: …I’m blind.
Mr. Macbeth: Oh, uh, sorry. I meant ‘see’ in a rhetorical sense!
Assistants #2: Why don’t you look at what your doing!
Assistants #1 & 2 freeze and look at Fortuneteller #1
Fortuneteller #1: …Are you making fun of me?
Assistants #1 & 2: We’re sorry!
Mr. Macbeth: No! I just mean isn’t it obvious that the problem is that they don’t listen!
Fortuneteller #1: …And what do you want me to do about that?
Assistants #1: Let’s just work quietly for now.
Mr. Macbeth: I don’t know! Something, anything!
Assistants #2: Yeah…
Fortuneteller #1: …Fine. You’ve come to the right place.
Mr. Macbeth: Can you really help me?
Fortuneteller #1: …Of course we can help you, what does that sign outside say? And you call yourself a teacher, really.
Mr. Macbeth: (surprised) Did I tell you that I’m a teacher?
Fortuneteller #1: …No. Now be quiet.
Assistants #1: I’m quiet!
Assistants #2: Then don’t say a word.
The fortuneteller raises his arms above his head. Creepy music plays in the back ground.
Fortuneteller #1: There’s a child in your class. She’s quiet but dangerous. Beware her.
Mr. Macbeth:…Is that it?
Fortuneteller #1: …No. Your issue is not yet solved. Now go meet the others.
Mr. Macbeth: What others?
Fortuneteller #1 disappears.
Mr. Macbeth: Hey! Where’d he go? Is there a door back there?
Assistants #1: Actually, yes there is.
Assistants #2: Go right through here please.
Assistants #1 & 2 pull Mr. Macbeth through the door into the next room.
Assistants #1: Just wait here please!
Assistants #2: This job is so repetitive.
Assistants #1 & 2 wander away, complaining about how hard their job is.
Mr. Macbeth: (alone again) Is anyone there?
Fortuneteller #2 appears suddenly.
Fortuneteller #2: (smiles sweetly) Welcome to our shop. I hope we will be able to assist you with whatever you problem is. Because we care.
Mr. Macbeth: (surprised) Uh, thanks.
Fortuneteller #2: (suddenly yelling) ‘Uh’! What kind of word is ‘uh’! Use proper English for goodness sake!
Mr. Macbeth: (taken back) I-I, sorry.
Fortuneteller #2: (smiling sweetly again) That’s quite alright. Just don’t do it again, please. Now you need help?
Assistants #1: She’s scary isn’t she?
Assistants #2: Yeah…
Mr. Macbeth: Yes, the fortune teller that I met before wasn’t really that helpful, he said a bunch of stuff that I didn’t understand…
Fortuneteller #2: (yelling again) Just shut up already! Complain, complain, complain! That’s all I’m hearing! I’m trying to help you, and all you do is go on about how sorry your life is!
Mr. Macbeth: (frightened now) Sorry. I’ll be quiet.
Fortuneteller #2:(smiling pleasantly) Thank you.
Fortuneteller #2 closes his eyes and raises his hands above his head, just like the previous fortuneteller. Creepy music plays in the background again.
Fortuneteller #2: No child born on American land can harm you.
Mr. Macbeth: (has no idea what’s going on, but too scared to say so) Thank you. That was really….helpful.
Assistants #1: Was it really?
Assistants #2: No, but do you want to tell her that?
Fortuneteller #2: I’m glad I could help! Farewell!
Fortuneteller #2 disappears.
Mr. Macbeth:…she disappeared again. I guess that’s there trademark here. That lady was weird. It was like almost like she had a split personality.
He stands there for a few minutes. Assistants #1 & 2 ignore him.
Mr. Macbeth: Uh, were should I go now?
Assistants #1: Don’t you know where to go by now?
Assistants #2: Figure it out yourself!
Mr. Macbeth: What happened to “we care”?
Fortuneteller #3 appears out of nowhere.
Fortuneteller #3: Where were you? I got tired of waiting and came here instead. You have to pay extra for that.
Mr. Macbeth: Wait, what! I have to pay for this!
Fortuneteller #3: Of course. Nothings so free in this world.
Mr. Macbeth: …You said this was free!
Assistants #1: When did I say that? (to Assistants #2) Did you hear me say that?
Assistants #2: (shakes head) No.
Fortuneteller #3: So, you want the 3rd part of the prophecy, do you?
Mr. Macbeth: Prophecy? What prophecy?
Fortuneteller #3: What, did you think we were just saying that all for fun?
Mr. Macbeth: Uh, I forgot what the others said.
Assistants #1: Are we supposed to clean that?
Assistants #2: I don’t think you can clean paper with water.
Fortuneteller #3: That’s not my problem. Here’s your prophecy
Assistants #1: (holding a ruined book) Huh, I guess you’re right.
Assistants #2: Why do I feel as though I’m surrounded by fools?
Fortuneteller #3 goes into the same stance as the previous fortunetellers and the same creepy music plays.
Fortuneteller #3: When the glasses are removed, then, and only then, must you beware.
Assistants #1: That was cryptic.
Assistants #2: I’ve heard better.
Mr. Macbeth: (annoyed) Why is your face covered?
Assistants #1: Did he just ask that!
Assistants #2: I think he did!
Fortuneteller #3: None of your business.
Assistants #1: Should we run?
The other two fortunetellers appear.
Assistants #2: Uh oh, the bosses are here, hurry up and get back to work!
Mr. Macbeth: (jumps) Do you have to do that?
Fortuneteller #2: (yelling) What kind of way is that to the people who are helping you!
Fortuneteller #1:…For a teacher , you are really rude.
Fortuneteller #3: Yes he is, isn’t he?
Assistants #1: You know, I noticed that too.
Assistants #2: No wonder his students never listen to him!
Mr. Macbeth: Stop talking as though I’m not even here!
Fortuneteller #3: Fine.
He hands Mr. Macbeth a piece of paper.
Mr. Macbeth: What’s this?
Fortuneteller #2: (smiling sweetly) Your bill.
Fortuneteller #1:…if you don’t pay it, we’ll know.
Mr. Macbeth: $1500! Plus tax! that’s too much!
The 3 smile and disappear. Assistants #1 & 2 break another plate.
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Macbeth-Modernized by a High School Kid
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